Items Replicator – Copy / Move Item(s) within the SharePoint lists


This is an application extension that is available as a command in the SharePoint online custom lists. Many companies may find difficult to duplicate the list items in SharePoint online. There are OOB feature to replicate the list structure but not the items.

This extension will help to override the replication issue and help to copy or move items from one list to another within the site. The extension can be used by everyone from developer to the business users who badly needs to replicate the list.

Items Replicator – App Source

Bodacious App Features

  • No configuration required
  • Free of cost and no licensing required.
  • Easy installation from the SharePoint store and immediately available to all the custom lists.
  • Copy or move the entire list or the selected items.
  • The destination lists can be chosen from the dropdown which lists all the SharePoint Custom lists.
  • Option to choose the fields has to be copied or moved to the destination.
  • Automatic mapping of fields based on the source field internal name.
  • Automatic population of fields in the mapping table based on the field type. E.g., If the source field is of type Single line of text, the destination field dropdown displays only the fields of type Single line of text.
  • Validation check to restrict one to many mapping.
  • Appropriate validation and success messages to notify the users.
  • Used Microsoft recommended practice to copy or move bulk items in batch which will have better performance.
  • Sleek and simple design to focus on the main feature.

App Benefits

  • Reduce the pain of manually copying or moving the items using the grid view.
  • Developers can take advantage of this extension to copy or move items for testing.

App Limitations

  • The list command extension is supported only for Custom List template (Template ID – 100)
  • Below are the field types supported
    • Single line of text
    • Choice
    • Yes or No
    • Date and Time
    • Number
  • Items with versions are currently not supported. Only the latest version will get copied or moved.
  • Items declared as record are not supported.

Supported SharePoint Versions

  • SharePoint Online.


Once you had acquired the app from the SharePoint app store, the app will be installed. Once installed you will be able to see the command shown below for the custom lists within the site where the app is installed.

Command when no items are selected
Command when item(s) are selected

How to use

No complex configuration or settings involved. Just click the button shown above in the list.

  • A dialog opens which displays the Source and the destination info. It displays the total item count and it will display the selected item count if there are items selected.
  • There are some color coding applied to the source list items count and also to the selected items count.
    • Source List Items Count within 4000 to 5000 – It will be displayed in orange color
    • Source List Items Count greater than 5000 – It will be displayed in red color.
    • Source List Items Count less than 4000 – it will be displayed in green color.
    • Selected item count within 100 to 500 – it will be displayed in orange color.
    • Selected item count greater or equal to 500 – it will be displayed in red color.
    • Selected item count is less than 100 – it will be displayed in green color.
Copy/Move Items Dialog without selection
Copy/Move Items Dialog with items selected
  • All the custom lists within the site will be listed in the Destination lists dropdown to choose.
  • Once the destination list is chosen, supported field types are loaded and mapped automatically with the source list.
  • You can also choose to change the field mapping and also choose whether to use the field info or not while copying or moving the items.
  • If there are no fields found for mapping in the destination field then the relevant field will be greyed out.
  • When the same field is mapped to multiple source the validation error message will be displayed.
  • Once the fields are mapped, you can click the Confirm the mapping? button and if the validations are passed you can Copy or Move the items.

Note: Moving items will remove the items from the source list. So, while moving items from the source lists, please make sure you choose the required and mandatory fields, if the fields are not chosen it won’t be moved also, the source items are deleted and sent to recycle bin. If you want the source items, navigate to SharePoint Recycle Bin, and restore the items.

  • Once the items are copied or moved, the success message will be displayed.


Please email to SUDHARSAN_1985@LIVE.IN or Contact Me if you have any questions, issues or new features to be added.


4 thoughts on “Items Replicator – Copy / Move Item(s) within the SharePoint lists

  1. Hi I really like this tool but I don’t think I will be able to use it. I have a list of 10,000 items that does have a few unsupported fields: a multiline comments and a lookup column. I guess this would rule out this tool for the time being.


  2. Can you set this app up so it only shows on specific SharePoint sites? I don’t want to expose this functionality to all of our sites.


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