Items Replicator Pro Version


This is an application extension that is available as a command extension in SharePoint Online lists. Sometimes users may find difficult to duplicate or move list items within the site collection or different site collection. There are OOB feature to replicate the list structure but not the items, still we can export the list items in excel and we can copy or paste the same in another lists but there are some limitations and the process is not simple when you have fields like People Picker, Image etc.

This extension will help to overcome those pains and provide an intuitive and user friendly interface to copy or move items with the same site or site collection or different site or different site collections. The extension can be used by all the users including the business users who badly needs to replicate the lists.

Note: This extension is a pro version which has to be purchased. There is also a free version of this app which has limited features.

Try the app from the Microsoft App Store – Items Replicator Pro

Bodacious App Features

  • No functionality or feature configuration required
  • Licensing required and its not free. It costs you around 100$
  • The trial is available for 10 days with the full features.
  • Easy installation from the SharePoint store and immediately available to all the custom lists.
  • Items can be copied or moved from different site collections or sites within the tenant.
  • Copy or move the entire list or the selected items.
  • The destination lists can be chosen from the dropdown which lists all the SharePoint Custom lists.
  • Option to choose the fields has to be copied or moved to the destination.
  • Automatic mapping of fields based on the source field internal name.
  • Automatic population of fields in the mapping table based on the field type. E.g., If the source field is of type Single line of text, the destination field dropdown displays only the fields of type Single line of text.
  • Validation check to restrict one to many mapping.
  • Appropriate validation and success messages to notify the users.
  • Used Microsoft recommended practice to copy or move bulk items in batch which will have better performance.
  • Sleek and simple design to focus on the main feature.

App Benefits

  • Reduce the pain of manually copying or moving the items using the grid view.
  • Very flexible for the business users to replicate the lists and items.
  • Developers can take advantage of this extension to copy or move items for testing.

App Limitations

  • The list command extension is supported only for Custom List template (Template ID – 100)
  • Below are the field types supported
    • Single line of text
    • Multiple line of text
    • Choice
    • Yes or No
    • Date and Time
    • Number
    • Currency
    • Hyperlink or Picture
    • Thumbnail
    • Person or Group (Single or multiuser)
  • Items with versions are currently not supported. Only the latest version will be copied or moved.
  • Items declared as record are not supported.

Supported SharePoint Version

  • SharePoint Online

License Configuration

Adding or updating license can only be done by the SharePoint Administrator. It also requires the App Catalog Site to be created in the tenant in advance to the license activation.

Once you installed the app from the Microsoft App Store or from the above link provided in the introduction section. Navigate to the list where you would like to copy / move items. From that custom list you have to click on the Items Replicator command and then you will be displayed with the below screen which shows the license status.

Note: If you click Items Replicator without any selected items, all the items can be copied or moved. If you have selected any items and then click Items Replicator, then you will be able to copy or move only the selected items.

There are few information which are displayed below to request for license. When you click on the email address, an email client is opened where you can send the below details to request for a trial or full license.

  • Email – Main contact person email address which will be mapped for the license validation
  • Tenant Name – The tenant name will be displayed and this is also mandatory for the license mapping.

Along with the above information, you can add further details like trial or full and also you can also send us the clarifications if any. The license will be provided within a day.

Note: The trial license is valid for 10 days and its fully functional.

Once you received the license, you can open the app and enter the below information to activate the app

  • Tenant App Catalog Site Url – You should mention the app catalog site url
  • License Key – The license key will be sent in an email
  • Contact Email – The main contact person email which is used while getting the license.

Once the above information are keyed in, the license validation process kicks in and if the license is valid, you will be provided with the Activated On, Activation Status and License (Trial or Full) which means the license is activated and you are ready to use the app.

How to use

Once the license is activated, when you open the app you can see the dialog which lists down all the sites and subsites. All the sites listed are based on the permissions of the current logged in user.

On choosing the particular site on the left nav, all the custom lists in the selected site is displayed with the following information

  • Title – List title
  • Item Count – Total items in the list
  • Last Modified – Last modified date of the list

The color coding on the item count is based on the below conditions.

Item count from 4000 to 5000 – Orange

Item count more than 5000 – Red

Item count less than 4000 – Green

Upon selecting the destination list where you would like to copy or move the items, Choose Fields button will be displayed.

When you click on the Choose Fields button, the next screen will displays the source and the destination list info with the list of fields that are supported with the option for mapping. If the internal field name and field type are same in source and destination, then the fields are automatically mapped and you will also be provided with an option to choose the mapping. If the source field types are not found on any of the destination field type, that particular source field will be disabled.

Note: The field should be mapped only once and if the same field is mapped to the other field, then the validation kicks in which won’t allow to confirm the mapping.

Once the field mappings are done, click on the button Confirm the mapping? which will validate the field whether the correct field types are mapped between the source and the destination, if there is wrong match or one field is mapped more than once, then there will be validation message displayed to the user like the below.

If the validations are passed, you will be displayed with Copy and Move button. Click Copy to copy the item(s) or click Move to move the item(s). Once the actions are taken, the items are either copied or moved and the success message is displayed and the destination list items count is refreshed with the updated count like the screenshot shown below.

Note: The copy or move items are tested with large lists with more than 10K items and the items are processed in batches. Please do not refresh the page untill the success or failure messages are displayed.


I hope many of them will benefit from this app and still there are lot to be enhanced in this app. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to read about this app and please try the app and appreciate your feedback or comments about the app.

Happy Coding



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