Power Automate – How to export attachments from SharePoint List Item.


Hi Friends, in this post let us examine how we can use Power Automate to export attachments from the SharePoint List item. To explain the usage of this scenario, let us extend this Cloud Flow to send the attachments in Email. Perhaps you can use the same concept of exporting the attachments and do the following

  1. Send the attachment over an email (will see in this post)
  2. Store all the attachments in a document library.
  3. Store all the attachments in a Onedrive folder.

Note The flow which I am gonna show you will use manual trigger but the same can be used with automatic triggers like When an item is added or modified etc.

Focus on the Flow

Consider a sample list with only the Title field and the attachments for the list has to be enabled. Add an item with a single or multiple attachments.

Let us start designing the flow

  • Create an Instant cloud flow, give a unique name and select the trigger Manual trigger a flow
  • Add an action named Initialize Variable as an array to store all the attachments from a list item.
  • Add an action named Get attachments and fill in the following properties
    • Site Address – SharePoint site where the list exists
    • List Name – Name of the list
    • Id – List item ID to export the attachment(s)
  • Add an action named Apply to each to traverse through the attachments and store the result in an array that is initialized in the above action.
  • Inside the Apply to each action add actions one below the other
    • Get attachment content – The above action Get attachments will not return the contents, but it returns the File Identifier and other metadata information. Using File Identifier we can get the attachment content.
    • Append to array variable – Append the Attachment name and Attachment content in the below format as a JSON array. The format mentioned below should be as it is without changing the key names. The same format is expected in the email action which we will add below the Apply to each action.
   "Name": <Attachment Name>,
   "ContentBytes": <Attachment content>
  • Add an action named Send an email (v2) to send the exported attachments to any user. Fill in the following properties. You have to collapse the advanced option for the attachments property.
    • To – To email of the user
    • Subject – Email subject
    • Body – Some email content
    • Attachments – Change it to dynamic values and pass the array variable as shown below

See how easy it is. Are you expecting anything? we are done with the flow. Execute the flow and enjoy the outcome.

Happy Flowing….


4 thoughts on “Power Automate – How to export attachments from SharePoint List Item.

  1. Hi! I tried doing something similar but by extracting content from a Sharepoint Site Document Library.

    It all worked fine except for when I tried to actually open the files in my email. The files won’t preview and also won’t open in Word for Desktop. Do you have any suggestions on this?


  2. This is great – thank you. What I’d really like to do however is add the attachments to an approval instead of an email. That also has space for attachments, but when I try and use it in approvals instead of email it doesn’t work. Is there something different you need to do for approvals?


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