SPFx – Document Preview


This is a list view comman set developed using SharePoint Framework extension. It will help the users to view the supported document preview in a side panel without navigating to the new tab or window. There will be a new button on the list menu named ‘Smart View‘ to view the preview of the images, documents etc.


  • Videos with .mp4 format is supported
  • Images with the following extensions are supported
    • png
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • gif
  • Document with the following extensions are supported
    • doc
    • docx
    • xls
    • xlsx
    • ppt
    • pptx
    • csv
    • pdf – based on the browser compatibility
  • Other document types with the following extensions are also supported
    • js
    • txt
    • css


Source Code

The above web-part is shared with the community and is of free to use. Please click the below link to download the code and have fun.


Happy Coding…


3 thoughts on “SPFx – Document Preview

    • Hi, this is a SPFx extension, when you select the document in a library, the command button is visible on the toolbar and you can click to see the preview. Load document dynamically, I don’t actually understand what you are trying to achieve. Please give me some more information.


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