VS 2010 SharePoint Tools

            In SharePoint 2007 many developers use SharePoint extension to develop the solutions for SharePoint and many other developers write some class files referencing the SharePoint dll’s and deploying and many other developers use WSP builder to build the solution for SharePoint 2007. Now in SharePoint 2010 there is only one single method to develop solutions for SharePoint 2010 so all the developers can use that method.

            There is a new explorer window introduced in VS2010 named as SharePoint Server Explorer. So the developers can view their SharePoint site structure including their list, forms, content types, features, type of list instance, type of list definition etc.

            The new SharePoint designer is now focussed on SPObjects. It displays the structure of the site in a detailed manner. The great improvement in SharePoint designer is the changes can be exported and imported in to VS2010 to make changes further. The best example to describe this feature is the workflow created in SharePoint designer 2010 can be imported to VS2010 and can be reused in other sites which was not possible in SharePoint designer 2007. The most important improvement in SharePoint designer 2010 is the display of data with their relationship. For example when u select a list it automatically displays the list information with the views, forms, workflows etc so that u can navigate to different parts of list more effectively and it is time consuming and it helps u to understand the overview of a list. That’s a great achievement hah…

             Regarding workflows, In SharePoint designer 2007 the workflow can’t be reused, the out-of-box can’t be editable, we can’t create site workflows. But in SharePoint Designer 2010 the above three scenarios are overridden.

Still more to come


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