6 thoughts on “Power Automate – How to update Author & Editor column

  1. I looked through several posts this morning trying to find how to accomplish this. This was the simplest method I’ve seen and I was easily able to execute this. Worked immediately. Thanks for posting the body as text that could be copied – really made things easier!


  2. This is close to what i was looking for but not quite the same.

    I have a Sharepoint List that has an import of data including names. Those names are equal to full names of users.
    I would like to use this names column to populate a Person field, so the additional user data is available to viewers of the list (chat, email, org etc).

    I have tried using a Person field for the names data, but of course the Person field cannot be defaulted in this way.
    I have tried a Custom field and to copy the names data across to populate the field, but the names column does not appear in the available columns.

    I suspect that a flow is needed to populate the Person column from the names field. Or maybe it is not possible at all.


    • Hi, to show the person field a unique ID is required. We always use the email which is unique and use the list view formatting to show the person field with other details. You can try the field formatting options and there are many samples available via pnp. But the most important to remember is you need user id or loginname or email since these are unique fields.


  3. Just what I was looking for, I need to make a variation on this to accept old, user then new user and then loop through the list to change old usernames from premigration to new username.


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